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I think things could be run better

In 2021, around 700 people across Britain took part in online conversations to talk about their experiences of health and care. Here’s what they said about how health and care services could operate better.

  • Health and care services are understaffed. Care quality is suffering as a result
  • Staff, unpaid carers and volunteers need to be properly valued and supported
  • Staff, patient and carer involvement in decision-making should improve
  • The whole system could be more efficient and fit for purpose. More holistic care, focusing on prevention and early intervention, could bring about big improvements.

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“There’s a lot of people who don’t get any care. They’re unpaid relatives. The country is saving billions on those people”
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People’s experiences of things not running well

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“I suppose the issue is that in theory things are great, but they’re not. The workload and the pressures to make all of the things that could work well, if they were given time and energy, the workload takes it away. God I sound so burnt out.”
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“The people are the most important asset in the NHS. It’s clear they are woefully underfunded, underpaid and overworked. If we lose the people, we lose the system. ”

Do you have something to say on this topic? There’s a number of ways you can get involved, from submitting quick 2 minute answers to sharing your story on video.

We share people’s experiences because we want people making decisions to hear from people who live with those decisions every day. But we know some of this experiential content can be difficult to watch. If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve seen, heard or read here please consider getting in touch with these organisations that can help.

To help preserve people’s anonymity, real names haven’t been used on quotes.