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  • To fix social care Boris Johnson needs a vision rooted in real lives 20.07.2021

    Commentary: To fix social care the PM needs a vision rooted in real lives Boris Johnson’s long-awaited plan on social care may finally emerge this week. Various governments have tried to fix this titanic problem over the past decades. But as Julian McCrae explains, so far a solution has eluded the British political system For……Read more

  • Protected: Homepage – TC version (24 June) 24.06.2021

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post….Read more

  • About Us 24.06.2021

    About Engage Britain Engage Britain is a new charity that brings people together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges  People from all walks of life should have  more  say on the important  decisions that affect them – like what happens to the NHS or how to get the care needed as they get older. No one knows better than ordinary people what it’s……Read more

  • What is the People’s Panel? 24.06.2021

    What is the People’s Panel? Miriam Levin, Health and Care Programme Director, explains how the country’s online Community Conversations now become the springboard for practical health and care changes. To deliver this phase we are delighted to be working in partnership with Involve and Democratic Society. This is an exciting moment. A wealth of personal……Read more

  • Why is social care reform so difficult? 26.04.2021

    Why is social care reform so difficult? Francis Elliott reviews previous attempts and asks – what if the starting point was asking how people experience social care in their day to day lives? Boris Johnson is expected to include measures to reform the social care system in England and Wales in the Queen’s Speech early……Read more

  • Tara Bradberry 04.03.2021

    The challenge of bringing people together digitally to have meaningful conversations is one of the things that attracted me to……Read more

  • Joanne Doherty 26.02.2021

    I enjoy using my skills to deliver successful projects and to contribute to a positive organisational culture that helps everyone……Read more

  • Media release: Fractious and fearful: Most Britons see other Brits who disagree on Covid as threat 23.02.2021

    Fractious and fearful: Most Britons see other Brits who disagree on Covid as threat to country’s future Community spirit dwindles as nation battles through final stretch of full lockdown – Covid disagreements lead to suspicion of neighbours and fallouts over vaccine views Rifts over rules fuel mental health problems in majority of Brits, from anxiety……Read more

  • Feb Polling Feature 22.02.2021

    After nearly a year of living through a pandemic, how are people feeling? Covid disagreements over following the rules are making many across Britain fractious and fearful, according to our recent national survey At this moment in time, March 2020 feels a bit like looking back on one’s childhood. How innocent we were. How little……Read more

  • be heard on health and care (video upload) 16.02.2021

    Film your views on health and care Want to share your thoughts on health and care in this country? Simply record yourself on your phone, fill in a few details below and upload your clip. #beheard on health and care Here are a few ideas for topics you might want to chat through in your……Read more

  • Get involved (health and care) 09.02.2021

    Engage Britain is supporting people across the nation to share their health and care experiences. Our aim is to bring about lasting change that benefits everyone. What do you feel is working right now? What could be better? And are there any ideas you’d like to put forward? Have your say Share your views online……Read more

  • be heard on health and care (form) 09.02.2021

    #beheard on health and care Want to share your experiences of health and care in this country? Fill in our short form below. It’ll only take a few minutes. This Spring, Engage Britain is bringing voices together from across the country to share real-life experiences of health and care. Help us piece together a vivid……Read more