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  • “Girls should be made aware of signs to look out for” 21.09.2021

    “I think the main thing, really, that could be a lot better is just the education and awareness of it…read moreRead more

  • “The endless frustration of seeing one specialist after another” [AUDIO] 21.09.2021

    “It’s what I hear all the time. (I mean) I’ve got far too much experience of being on the receiving…read moreRead more

  • Interview template: Matthew’s story 16.09.2021

    “There are a lot of people who don’t get any care. They’re unpaid relatives. The country is saving billions on…read moreRead more

  • FAQs 14.09.2021

    Q: How is Engage Britain funded? A: We are funded by an initial contribution from the Hands Family Trust, a…read moreRead more

  • BBC News: Feature on Engage Britain (13 Sept 2021) 13.09.2021

    Health and care stories and new survey make BBC News…Read more

  • What we did 13.09.2021

    Between January and May 2021, Engage Britain invited people in communities across the country to hold online Community Conversations about…read moreRead more

  • Bookmarks 13.09.2021

    My bookmarks If you’ve bookmarked any quotes or videos, they will appear here….Read more

  • H&C Theme: Experiences of providing care – summary 13.09.2021

    What people working in health and care are saying about their experiences HeadlinesI’m overstretched, undervalued and exhaustedI need more time…read moreRead more

  • H&C Theme: Didn’t get support – summary 13.09.2021

    What people are saying about not being able to access the support they need HeadlinesI’m not getting the support I…read moreRead more

  • H&C Theme: Neglected or dismissed – summary 13.09.2021

    What people are saying about being neglected or dismissed HeadlinesI’m dismissed, not taken seriously or not listened toI’m not being…read moreRead more

  • H&C Theme: Services are too stretched – summary 13.09.2021

    What people are saying about their experiences with stretched services HeadlinesI think the NHS and social care are overstretched and…read moreRead more

  • H&C Theme: Experiences with disability – summary 13.09.2021

    What people are saying about their experiences with disability HeadlinesI’m treated like a second class citizenIt’s hard getting the care…read moreRead more