Engage Britain is an independent charity that brings people together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges.

Right now, none of us get enough of a say on the important decisions  that affect our everyday lives – like health and care, poverty or education.

We’re here to change that.

What’s the latest?

Why is our first focus on Health and Care?


No matter where you live, one issue always crops up as people’s biggest concern.

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What’s next: recruiting the People’s Panel

health and care

A whistle-stop tour of the next stage in our health and care work, bringing people together across Britain.

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People's Panel invitation
How will lasting change happen?

how we’ll get there

Find out about our four-step approach to improve health and care in this country.

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Four-step process icons
What are Community Conversations?


How do they work? And how will they be used to help find practical solutions to the country’s health and care?

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Hot off the press: Social care reform report


Our Head of Advocacy, Francis Elliott, explores the challenges of social care reform and how to avoid repeating mistakes from the past.

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Careless Whispers report
What’s the biggest challenge facing Britain?


Engage Britain has spent the past three years finding out. By listening to thousands of you up and down the country.

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“There are a lot of people out there with a heck of a lot of good ideas for how to run things better.

But they aren’t asked about it … One person might have a recommendation of doing something that works better than what we’re doing now. And surely, if that’s the case, we should listen at least, you know? … We could have people’s input to try and improve things for everybody.”

Helen, Community Conversation participant

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