The People’s Panel
Working on a vision for health and care
Finding out what matters most. From the people who know best.

If you’re going to make decisions about something as critical as the country’s health and care, it’s important to do your homework.

That means listening to people’s real life experiences of what’s working and what could be better. And not just patients – staff too. People who’ve run these services for years. Who really know how things tick.

That’s why we brought together a People’s Panel.

Invitations went out to households across Britain, before being whittled down to one hundred Panel members. This group was selected to represent Britain in miniature. They came from all walks of life, reflecting the views of people in England, Scotland and Wales.

The role of the Panel participants was to listen, to discuss and to decide: what health and care issues matter most to people? And what needs tackling first?

To find out more about the Panel process, check out our interview with Miriam Levin, Health and Care Director.

So what happened on the Panel?

Screenshot of Harry

“A card came through the mail from Engage Britain. And it had a summary about The People’s Panel and health and social care and… watch now

“On Saturday morning we were shown some of the Community Conversations and videos that members of the public had shared… watch now

Ebenezer screen shot

“On the the third weekend, we got the chance to listen to some experts. And it was geared up that they had got these people to answer… watch now

Bonnie screenshot

“On Weekend Four we were presented with the final list, if you like. An end result of the work we’ve done so far. And priorities that we’ve decided… watch now

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