Community Conversations
Bringing people together to share their health and care experiences

Community Conversations bring people from a variety of backgrounds together to share their experiences.

For health and care, we held 101 Conversations – online rather than face to face, given the Covid situation – with different groups across the whole country.

It was a chance for people to share their ongoing experiences as patients, frontline staff and people who encounter the system every day. We asked people what’s working well? What’s less good? What would you want to change and make better? And what are your ideas for how to do that?

The health and care conversations proved to be eye-opening. People were incredibly honest about what matters to them. Many raw and heartfelt stories were shared, as well as practical ideas for how to run things better.

We’re then taking all that amazing richness – people’s experiences and ideas for what could be done differently – and feeding it into the People’s Panel, the next stage of the process.

Read more about Community Conversations in this interview with Lovisa Moller, senior analyst at Engage Britain.

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