Health and Care
The biggest challenge facing our country

Making health and care work for us all

We love our NHS and the people who care for us. For many the NHS is part of what makes us proud to be British.

But most of us agree health and care is also the number one issue facing the country today (we asked people this question in 2020 and the answer unites people however they vote and wherever they live).

So how can we make sure people across Britain get the health and care they need, when they need it? And how will it be funded?

To help health and care in Britain be the best it can be, we need to be honest about what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s the challenge we believe the people of Britain can answer, based on their experiences and ideas.

Listening to the country’s experiences

Between January and May 2021, we brought people together up and down the country to talk about what really matters to them about health and care – what’s working well and what could be better. We call these Community Conversations.

What they shared will be the foundation we build upon to tackle this challenge. So our starting point is what really matters to people, rooted in people’s health and care experiences and ideas.

You can get involved too.

Why we need to find answers now

Right now, millions of us are struggling with health and care.

We believe everyone should be a part of the country’s big decisions. And our politicians need to start making based on what people in Britain live through every day. Only answers rooted in real lives will make sure health and care works for us all.

Engage Britain is starting to make that happen.

how we'll get there

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Mother adjusts daughter's mask

What do we mean when we say health and care?

We’re talking about the health and care support that people need in order to live well. That’s not just about being able to get an appointment at your GP. Or a relative in a care home being well looked after.

It’s also about the care between ourselves in society – within our communities. The support we provide for each other, as much as the services provided by the state.

The ultimate goal is that the plans created by the British public can be put into practice by government, so everyone can get the health and care they need.

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