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The biggest challenge facing our country

Health and care is the biggest challenge facing our country – as prioritised by you, the British public. And it’s become even more urgent during this pandemic.

In our recent national poll, you told us that better pay and conditions for healthcare workers (39%) and addressing staff shortages (29%) are neck and neck as your top concerns.

And while 72% of you trust the NHS will always be there when you need it, 63% of you agree that tax increases will be needed to properly fund it.

So from January, health and care is going to be the focus of our first national conversation.

We’ll be bringing together people like you across the country, as well as NHS and care staff, healthcare charities, policy makers and politicians.

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Together, let’s work out how to change things for the better.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Check out the latest findings from our national poll, exploring people’s top health and care priorities.

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The story so far

How do we get back on our feet during Covid?

Date: Autumn 2020

Making GP surgeries safe, physical and mental wellbeing and looking after the vulnerable are among people’s most pressing concerns about Covid. Citizens across the West Midlands recently met to discuss their priorities over the months ahead. Their responses were fed back to the West Midlands Combined Authority, to help shape recovery plans for the region. Hear what they had to say or read the full report.

Discussions show what really matters

Date: Late 2019

We held a series of discussions around the country that explored what really matters to people around health and care, alongside other key issues. Working with Ipsos MORI, we found out about what we all know about health and care services and where the disconnects are. Read more about what people said…

Health and care come out top in our polling

Date: Summer 2019

Working with BritainThinks, we found that we as a nation think health and care is the country’s most important concern. It is the number one issue that we are all concerned with, regardless of background. Read more about what we found…

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