Why Engage Britain is here
Julian McCrae, Director of Engage Britain

There’s been a growing sense, over the last few years, that British politics is out of touch with the public. 

People don’t feel they’re being heard, and that’s a problem. It’s corrosive for our society. 

The country continues to face huge challenges, beyond the immediate difficulties posed by Coronavirus. 

Like how we fund our healthcare properly, how we build enough housing for everyone and how best to approach immigration. 

These sorts of national issues have been around for decades, yet never really get resolved. 

Why? What is stopping them from being sorted out? And how can we do something positive to change that? 

Engage Britain was born out of these questions.

It’s vital to involve people who use, work in and are affected by
our health and care services all the time.

Answering national questions together

One reason is that it doesn’t make sense for our politicians to try and come up with answers to huge, national questions all by themselves. 

Tackling our country’s health and care is a good example.

It’s vital to involve people who use, work in and are affected by these services all the time.

Each of their perspectives is important to understand the bigger picture. Because they know what it’s really like. How things tick, day in day out.

What is stopping these issues from being sorted out? And how can we change that?

Julian mccrae, director of engage britain

Lasting change starts with each of us

So what if we got people who do have that experience to work with each other? 

Got them to think about the best ways forward from their perspectives. So policies are shaped around what matters to people right from the start. 

What makes me think national challenges can be tackled now?

Because people living in Britain are quite capable of coming up with great ideas for the future of the country. Everyone has something to bring to the table.

We simply want to provide a platform to bring people together with different views, knowledge and experiences.

Because these difference perspectives will lead to better and stronger ideas.

This approach in no way replaces the role of our politicians. It’s helping them so the country gets better. 

And that’s what Engage Britain is all about.