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Woman looking out of window

Many women are experiencing medical misogyny in the NHS. Miriam Levin, our Health and Care Director, looks at the latest survey data… read more

Community group putting hands together

Julian McCrae, Director of Engage Britain, chats with Trisha Goddard on Talk TV and Radio about the importance of local support… read more

Reconnection tour van

New research reveals that hard times, including the pandemic and cost of living crisis, are bringing communities closer together…. read more

Stressed staff member

One in four adults say they, or an immediate family member, have received poor NHS care due to workforce problems… read more


GP waiting room

Rooting solutions in the experiences people face every day is the only way to fix the problem, writes Francis Elliott….read more

image of a carer holding a person's hand

Various governments have tried to fix this titanic problem, says Julian McCrae. So far a solution has eluded the system…read more

John Hall's paper

Read John Hall’s exclusive digest, reflecting on the health and care challenges identified by The People’s Panel… read more

Real life stories

Robert from Men's Sheds

How do you help men feel less lonely and isolated? Simple: create a shed. Robert Visintainer from the charity Men’s Sheds explains… read more

Photo of Allie Mavor

At the age of 56, Allie quit her job as a teacher to care for her mother, Enid, who has dementia…read more

Photo of Karen

Karen’s middle son, Lance, was first diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the hospital after she gave birth… read more

Inspiring ideas

Daniel Stillman

What makes a conversation good? Who gets to speak? How should we react? And what if we don’t agree?  Daniel Stillman, an expert in the science of conversations, explains… read more

Will Storr photo

What makes us like some things and dislike others? What drives our political and moral beliefs? Will Storr argues our craving for status defines who we are… read more

What are we doing when we tell ourselves we’re Consumers 3,000 times a day? What if we put the same creativity and energy into involving people as Citizens?… read more