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  • Phil Fearnley 03.09.2020

    With the BBC I led the launch of BBC iPlayer, and created the first mobile apps for News, Sport and……Read more

  • Tim Connor 27.08.2020

    This includes raising money for Crisis, Breast Cancer Now and the RNLI, looking after IKEA’s customer database across Europe and……Read more

  • Micah Lammie 09.06.2020

    After a troubled childhood, I worked in the financial sector. I met Solomon Smith, founder of the Soup Kitchen, at……Read more

  • Robert Visintainer 09.06.2020

    I like to think that Men’s Sheds offer a ‘health by stealth’ approach to overcome mental and physical health problems…….Read more

  • Jess Steele 08.06.2020

    I’ve been an active social entrepreneur for 25 years, building ventures in publishing, heritage, tourism, childcare, financial management, neighbourhood development,……Read more

  • Clare Wightman 08.06.2020

    There’s no change without a bit of tension but all along the golden rule has been: “Never do for others……Read more

  • Trevor Rose 06.06.2020

    I started out as a breakdancer, touring with Queen Latifah and Money Love before setting up my own operation in……Read more

  • Protected: Your Opinion Simple 05.06.2020

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post….Read more

  • Danny Flynn 05.06.2020

    I started work as a diesel-fitter in a Stoke garage, went back to college to take A levels then moved……Read more

  • Lauri McCusker 05.06.2020

    I studied in Coventry and earned a green card working in California, but came home when the peace process was……Read more

  • Nola Edwards 04.06.2020

    I moved around a lot as a kid – primary school in Walsall then Zambia, secondary school in Zimbabwe then……Read more

  • Katherine Nissen 03.06.2020

    Born and bred in Cornwall I’ve lived in rural communities for most of my life, working as a teacher, a……Read more