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  • ‘We experience the world as this battle between goodies and baddies. But it comes down to trade-offs’ 06.12.2021

    What makes us like some things and dislike others? What drives our political and moral beliefs? Our editor sat down…read more

  • Our take: The government’s new social care white paper 30.11.2021

    Francis Elliott, Engage Britain’s Director of Advocacy, says: “Social care in this country has been collapsing over decades, and fixing…read more

  • No simple remedy for British voters when it comes to in-person GP appointments 12.11.2021

    Rooting solutions in the experiences people face every day is the only way to fix the problem, writes Francis Elliott….read more

  • Guest Speaker: Chris Jones 12.11.2021
  • H&C Acquisition – thank you page 11.11.2021

    Thank you Thanks for signing up to be part of the Health and Care community. Keep an eye on your…read more

  • We need local hospitals for 09.11.2021

    “We need local hospitals for minor injuries and ‘patching up’ in order to alleviate the waiting times and intake into…read more

  • I think we need to pay for health 09.11.2021

    “I think we need to pay for health and social care together. A part of our taxes needs to go…read more

  • There is a complete failure 09.11.2021

    “There is a complete failure to understand the inexorable, and inevitably increased, demand that always outstrips supply. We constantly fail…read more

  • Mental health care and hospitals 09.11.2021

    “Mental health care and hospitals are disgustingly diabolical and bear no resemblance to care and hospitals in other areas. Even…read more

  • I would really like it if all services 09.11.2021

    “Social care and health should be a service which is in the community, not in one office. Social workers should…read more

  • The emergency service is excellent 09.11.2021

    “The emergency service is excellent. Urgent care, such as cancer treatment, is also good. The NHS is highly innovative. For…read more

  • The NHS should move to a model 09.11.2021

    “The NHS should move to a model of providing free high quality emergency and urgent care, with the majority of…read more