Help make the Green Badge a reality
Parking pass to be debated in Parliament

MPs are considering giving care workers who visit people’s homes a Green Badge parking pass. The Green Badge would allow care workers and personal assistants who support people in their own homes to park free from residential parking restrictions

At a Westminster Hall debate on Thursday 16 March, 2023, at 3pm for up to 90 minutes, MPs will discuss the policy.

How you can help

1. Write to your MP

Find out who your MP is by using a service like They Work For You and write to them explaining why you think this policy can make a difference. If you are writing before 16th March, you can encourage them to take part in the debate in Westminster Hall at 3 pm. 

2. Share our Tweet about the Green Badge, and shout about it across your social media.

3. Attend the debate

You can attend the debate by visiting Westminster Hall. Follow the instructions for attending a Westminster Hall debate.

4. Talk to us

If you have a story about how the Green Badge can make a difference to you, or you have more to say about this important issue you can email us.  

About the Green Badge

If you decide you want to talk or write to your MP, you can read more about the Green Badge and how it was created. But here are some facts to help you explain why it’s so important:

  • Working in a similar way to the Blue Badge for disabled people, it would allow care workers and personal assistants to park without worrying about residential parking restrictions. 
  • This would allow them to park close to people they are visiting – reducing stress, cost and wasted time. 
  • While some local authorities are providing parking schemes for care workers, the Green Badge would be nationwide. That would allow it to be adopted as universally as the Blue Badge is now.  
  • This would be a first step: The Green Badge alone won’t tackle the big issues that mean we do not have enough social care staff in Britain. But it would help make care workers’ jobs easier by removing a major pressure from visiting people’s homes.

    Read more about how the policy package and the process for developing it