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I think services are too stretched

In 2021, around 700 people across Britain took part in online conversations to talk about their experiences of health and care. Here’s what they said about services being overstretched.

  • Many people feel the NHS and social care are underfunded
  • Paying for much-needed care is often a real challenge for Disabled and elderly people
  • Money drives decisions that aren’t always in the best interests of people who need health and care support
  • Some people are concerned that money is wasted.

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People’s experiences of stretched services

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“The NHS and social care are facing two major challenges at the present. One is money, lack of money, mismanagement of money, or the wastage of money. Number two is the lack of manpower.”
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“About the free NHS… I really believe the country now needs quite a serious conversation about what that actually means. It’s not free, we all pay for it. And, clearly, we need to pay more. ”
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We share people’s experiences because we want people making decisions to hear from people who live with those decisions every day. But we know some of this experiential content can be difficult to watch. If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve seen, heard or read here please consider getting in touch with these organisations that can help.

To help preserve people’s anonymity, real names haven’t been used on quotes.