I think resources are too stretched

"In Casualty, we used to be really pleased if someone said they had private insurance, because it meant they could go to the private ward and not use one of our precious beds."
"I worked in a hospital. I've stood on one side of a patient's bed arguing with the consultant or the doctor on the other side of the bed. ‘Whose money are we going to use? Do we use health? Or do we use social services?’ It's just not changed."
"They are so tired, they are so overworked. They've lost the compassion and they've lost the empathy. The healthcare system is supposed to be just that: a caring system. The problem is its lost how to care. And that's because it's under resourced."
"It's about caring. And it turns a lot of things on its head. But until society's happier to spend some of their hard earned money through taxes to make the services work for us. It's us today, but it could be them tomorrow. "
"We're dealing with significant levels of mental health issues amongst young people. And there is without any shadow of doubt, nothing like enough to go around. There's no question about that."
"I wish the government would stop bloody putting money into stupid stuff and start actually giving some money to the NHS… do we need another bloody submarine?"
"I'd like to see more money available locally, so that GP surgeries can be suitably resourced. So that there aren’t long waiting lists, and so that interventions can happen sooner. So that we're not having to wait till it's an emergency."