I think resources are too stretched

"I'd like to see more money available locally, so that GP surgeries can be suitably resourced. So that there aren’t long waiting lists, and so that interventions can happen sooner. So that we're not having to wait till it's an emergency."
"I've now got something that works for me social care wise, but they wanted to charge me £200 a week for a basic wash. "
"There are people in the NHS who are wasting money on things that shouldn't be. That's the same in any organisation, but you seem to get a lot of bad eggs, and people not doing their jobs efficiently at all levels. "
"The support that I was previously accessing is no longer available because the funding has ended. I think it's really detrimental that lots of things seem to be on short budgets. It's one year or three year grants."
"I was actually told this by my senior manager. It is cheaper to provide emergency care for someone who is having mental health crisis than to provide support for their early onset or even just for the social aspect of their life."
"I don't think it necessarily needs loads of extra money thrown at it. I think there's a lot of money wasted. There's huge inefficiencies everywhere."
"I would quite happily pay an extra £20-30 in National Insurance contributions a year if it was going into the NHS. And if you ask the majority of people, they would quite happily pay that extra £20-30 a year. "