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I think resources are too stretched

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"If we want a social care service that's anywhere remotely resembling the NHS, that is free at the point of access for anyone who needs it, things will have to change very radically."
"I'd like to see much better management within the hospitals, more linkages between all the different departments and a lot less waste of money. I think there's a lot of wastage."
"I think now we're at a point with the NHS where it's stretched to breaking point because it's had probably 10 to 15 years of underinvestment. And the cracks are showing. "
"I've got a friend whose daughter has anorexia and – this was before the pandemic – she cannot get an appointment with CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services), because they're underfunded. So that they don't have the ability to get in and have those really important conversations."