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“The NHS is being continually reorganised”

“This came from a doctor: she felt the NHS was being continually reorganised with each successive government. Rather than looking at what’s working and building from there, there was a tendency to sort of throw it all up in the air and make changes for the sake of change. And the other thing that came up as an important point, was that the GP felt that…the health, the NHS part of the picture, and the social care part of the picture, were very disjointed. They’re not, sort of, meeting up. And, therefore, there are a lot of people that fall down the cracks. In some areas there’s good care in the community. But in other areas, people are discharged and there’s no support for them. And these very people then end up back in the NHS. So there’s a lack of joined up-ness and an inconsistent level of care within the community. One of the other people said that care in the community has improved during Covid through voluntary groups, church groups etc. all coming together. But they felt that that was probably unsustainable in the longer term.”