I think things could be run better

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"They should employ more people. The NHS would be better."
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"We need to look after nurses and doctors or it's going to get massively worse."
"We need more staff, maybe more social care staff or social workers, because then the social care people would be able to get involved. But most bed workloads are so huge that, you know, people slip through the net."
"We need more people on the ground, less people up the top on great big wages that they don't need. Pay the people down the bottom, get more people involved."
"We do have a good healthcare system. The NHS is very good at providing healthcare, compared to a lot of other countries. However, looking at the future, are we going to have the right workforce to continue providing the care that we are providing now?"
"Why are we building all these huge hospitals, when perhaps what we need is just more smaller, local hospitals?"