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I’ve had worse care because of who I am

In 2021, around 700 people across Britain took part in online conversations to talk about their experiences of health and care. Here’s what they said about their experiences of discrimination.

  • People receive worse treatment than others, just because of who they are
  • Others are dismissed or not listened to because of who they are
  • Health and care staff have been known to be openly discriminatory
  • People are put off coming forward for treatment or care because of their community’s history of being discriminated against or unequally treated

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People’s experiences of discrimination

“I know in the surgeries they’ve got accessibility standards, but they’re not used. Everybody should be going back to the doctors if they’re not using it. And that’s a big issue. For people with learning disabilities like me, who can’t read very well. ”
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“We visited social services and they were expecting us, so they knew we were Deaf, but the staff couldn’t sign and expected us to lipread. I was boiling inside, I felt so uncomfortable. They just had no awareness.”

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We share people’s experiences because we want people making decisions to hear from people who live with those decisions every day. But we know some of this experiential content can be difficult to watch. If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve seen, heard or read here please consider getting in touch with these organisations that can help.

To help preserve people’s anonymity, real names haven’t been used on quotes.