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I was neglected or dismissed

In 2021, around 700 people across Britain took part in online conversations to talk about their experiences of health and care. Here’s what they said about being neglected or dismissed.

  • Lots of people feel dismissed, not taken seriously or not listened to
  • This is particularly felt by people from specific backgrounds or with lesser-known conditions
  • Some experience poor quality care. Others have treatments not administered properly
  • This is often put down to NHS and social care staff being under huge pressure
  • How well you articulate yourself directly affects the quality of the care you get
  • Sometimes you have to fight to get the care you need.  Read more

People’s experiences of being ignored or dismissed

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“Another time talking therapy was arranged by my work, and I went there. This was after my husband passed away. And the person fell asleep.”
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“We got a call that Dad had ingested bleach tablets used to wash the floors”
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We share people’s experiences because we want people making decisions to hear from people who live with those decisions every day. But we know some of this experiential content can be difficult to watch. If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve seen, heard or read here please consider getting in touch with these organisations that can help.

To help preserve people’s anonymity, real names haven’t been used on quotes.