“There’s an unconscious bias we should eliminate”

“I just wanted to add something about my experience of being in the different support groups with the psychologists or CPNs, doctors etc. And I’m gonna be very careful about how I explain this. I definitely noticed, in the different groups I was in, a certain bias about different socioeconomic circumstances. So even if we were talking about our job titles, for example, or kind of what our situations were, I noticed that I was often treated a lot better. Whereas people from other situations, they weren’t treated with the same patience or tolerance. That’s one thing I definitely noticed. And even, in a different way, I noticed that when I was going to the GP before, when I was just “Miss”, it was “Hello”. And then when my title changed to Doctor… different, totally different treatment… So much more polite and keen to know you. So that’s just something I’ve become aware of. And I thought it’s important to address it. It’s an unconscious bias that we should eliminate ‘cause it’s ridiculous. It’s not acceptable.”