“This is not a routine meeting. I feel a bit uneasy”

“When I was pregnant again, and I got stamped as VIP, I got called into a meeting. And I said to Mike, ‘I think you need to come to this meeting because this is not a routine meeting. Please come along with me because I feel a bit uneasy.’ And I had the chief gynaecological consultant basically say, ‘Whatever testing you want done, whatever we can do to make you feel happy and comfortable about this birth, because we know we got it wrong before’… I held up a photograph of Lance, and I said ‘What do you mean you got it wrong?’ And I went [signs two fingers] to all the testing. I said, ‘Thank you very much for being understanding. But Mike and I are perfectly happy with our decisions that we’ve made’. But for me, it wasn’t about…it was about the fact that I had an extra special meeting with all the powers that be.”