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People-shaped policy: Why it matters

Putting people at the heart of policymaking is core to Engage Britain’s mission. But don’t take our work for it! We chatted to four participants in our Health and Care project, who shared their experiences of helping to shape ideas for change in the social care workforce.

What difference could these policy ideas make?

What’s it like being involved in shaping policy?

“It’s the first time in years that I feel it’s going to go somewhere. I’ve been around too long as a receiver of care. And also a person with lived experience. And I’ve sat on so many panels and talking shops. It’s always fallen at the last hurdle or has fizzled out. But this is the first time I feel that we’re going to get heard.’  Matt, Receives care to live your life

‘I’ve really enjoyed being part of this piece of Engage Britain work. The workshops were really intuitive. We got to speak and listen to many varied stakeholders across the sector. People with lived experience. People who use our services. People who work on the frontline. Managers. Leaders within social care functions. But also local authority colleagues as well. It’s been a positive opportunity to listen to all of those different stakeholders to help co-produce some really positive solutions.’  Caroline, Commissioner of adult social services

‘I feel excited that a politician has finally got into my head – a tiny little bit, anyway! – and knows what it’s like on the ‘shop floor’. And the politician making the decision will consider all that process – not just from the point of the care giver but the client as well. What is very important, of course, is that the two are inter-related. And so I am excited at the possibility of things starting to happen.’ Ana, Care worker

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