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I've had worse care because of who I am

"There's huge health inequalities for autistic women. Not just getting a diagnosis, but getting any healthcare after you have been diagnosed. Because all of a sudden everything becomes your autism, the broken leg, the scratch on your finger. It's all autism."
"I've had care workers come to the house, they don't care. And I don't really mind that they don't care. I just want them to respect her. And to recognise her as an individual, with her own contributions to make."
"Until recently there's certain conditions that they didn't even realise people of colour could have, or that don’t show up the same way as on white skin. Doctors not realising that's what they had are just totally misdiagnosing."
"Some people are racist. For example Pakistani people wear very traditional clothes, but some people don’t like it. I’m wearing a scarf, and maybe some people don’t like that."
"I get given medication, but I am not sure what it is for, or what is in it. If it is the weekend or the Centre of Sign Sight Sound are not there, I won’t take the medication because I am not sure of it. "
"From my experience, and from the experience of some of my friends with elderly relatives, the big thing that everyone says is that they wish they knew what was on offer and what paths they should go down."