Health and care

"As long as someone who lives down the road in the poorest area cannot afford to pay for the most expensive private care which is available, they're missing something. Someone is getting specialised care or specialised support that the other person is not getting. So that imbalance remains. "
"If you can't advocate for yourself, you don't get adequate health care. And that's as brief as I can put it."
"There are not enough learning disability nurses."
"When I started, when I was a nursing assistant doing my training, I could spend an hour one to one with my patients on the ward. And now you'd be lucky to have 10 minutes with somebody."
"In my area, until very recently, we had no post diagnostic support for adults with autism at all. You can go and get a diagnosis, and that will be that. You get a leaflet."
"There are a lot of old people who don't have anyone. They come into hospital and they do not have anyone who can speak for them. And that's a scary position to be in."