Health and care

"I've had postnatal depression as well. And especially when I had it with the twins, it took me a year to actually get some help. And to get some medication for it. Because my GP wasn't listening to me and neither was my home visitor."
"I'd like to see more money available locally, so that GP surgeries can be suitably resourced. So that there aren’t long waiting lists, and so that interventions can happen sooner. So that we're not having to wait till it's an emergency."
"We really, really need to protect the NHS. And I would very much like to congratulate it on its ability to deal with crises and palliative care with very, very high standards of nursing."
"I’m battling with our county council at the moment over care charging. I feel devastated and shattered, basically."
"“So it's quite a new role in that I'm supporting a family member. You know, I sometimes struggle and wonder where to turn to really. I think that there are gaps for somebody just to listen to your own personal story and direct you a little bit. Because everyone's different."