What is the People’s Panel?

Miriam Levin, Health and Care Programme Director, explains how the country’s online Community Conversations now become the springboard for practical health and care changes. To deliver this phase we are delighted to be working in partnership with Involve and Democratic Society.

People's Panel process chart
The People’s Panel is the second phase of Engage Britain’s plan to bring about country-wide health and care changes

This is an exciting moment. A wealth of personal experiences have been gathered from 101 health and care Community Conversations across Britain.

The Community Conversations have revealed the different ways people all over the country are struggling with the system.

From patients getting desperate while they wait months for treatment. To an army of unpaid carers under stress as they fight for the care that their loved ones need. And overworked staff being pushed to breaking point.

And we’ve now recruiting a People’s Panel to listen to all that’s been said and work out what issues to focus on.

What is the People’s Panel?

The People’s Panel brings a hundred people together to help decide how we can make sure everyone in Britain gets the health and care they need.

The Panel broadly reflects everyone who lives in England, Scotland and Wales, with (randomly selected) participants from all walks of life.

They hear real life experiences of what’s working well in health and care right now and what could be better – from patients, staff and people who run these services.

At the end of this process, the Panel prioritise the changes that will help the most people, and the people who need it the most.

How the Panel works

Due to Covid, the People’s Panel will meet via Zoom video meetings rather than in person

The People’s Panel meet online over four weekends, between September and November this year. There are three sessions each weekend, each lasting around two and a half hours.

As part of these sessions they:

  • Hear the stories, views and ideas that people shared in the Community Conversations, and share their own
  • Hear from speakers – including patients, carers, people living in care, health and care experts, and NHS staff
  • Discuss issues with the other Panel members and weigh up what matters to people
  • Decide next steps to solve the country’s health and care issues.

What happens after the People’s Panel

Frontline health and care staff will be one of several groups brought together to design practical solutions

Engage Britain will bring more people together in early 2022 – including frontline staff, patients, people who draw on care support, and those who decide how services are run – to design solutions together.

Ideas will be tested to make sure they make a practical difference to people.

Later in 2022, as plans take shape, the People’s Panel will meet again. To make sure ideas stay true to the things that matter most to people across the country.

To find out more about Engage Britain’s four-step approach to change click here.

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