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In depth: My experiences with a long term condition

"The consultant who said to me, 'I don't know', I actually thanked him for that. I think we need to empower consultants… [to feel] it's okay not to know.They'd get a lot more respect and much better co-operation with patients. "
"If you can't advocate for yourself, you don't get adequate health care. And that's as brief as I can put it."
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"Often what gets communicated within GP land never filters through or vice versa. So I am definitely between departments as well. Because you seem to waste a lot of your appointment having been referred to somebody else explaining why you're there. "
"Mainly, you know, I've struggled with my mental health. And so a lot of the pain I was experiencing, I was told was... to do with me. I was hysterical, I was anxious about things."