Bradford Muslim Women’s Council

Daughters of Eve Conference

About the event

Daughters of Eve conferences bring together women (and some sessions for men) to discuss issues facing them locally and internationally.  For example, previous conference themes have included: 

  • Human Rights Human Wrongs: Muslim Women creating a new narrative’ 
  • Status of Women in Islam 
  • Shared Heritage: Reimagining Our World 

The conference includes panel discussions, light entertainment, and a chance for people to forge new relationships and increase awareness on topics affecting them. 

This year our theme will be well-being in the community. We will look at both physical and mental wellbeing, and how best to overcome challenges. 

About Bradford Muslim Women’s Council

The Bradford Muslim Women’s Council combines community work with research, training and services like the Aunties Network, a group of older women supporting and responding to child sexual abuse. It runs the Bradford Curry Circle, which offers a free hot meal to people regardless of faith or ethnic background.

Our community story

Bradford’s Muslim Women’s Council run a soup kitchen – a curry kitchen to be more precise – where anyone can have a free hot meal on any Thursday night. The vast majority of those attending are white – the people running the kitchen are brown. It’s creating little pools of trust and kindness. When Covid struck, the Kitchen’s host building closed. At first they served people out of car boots and the back of vans before finding space in a library. They didn’t miss a single week, feeding the hungry and letting people know where they could find further food after council phone lines closed down.