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‘I’m  supported by my community much more than by the government and the medics’

Adrian, 67, is a retired vehicle technician. His wife of 30 years passed away last year. In deep grief, he started going to the Squirrel’s Nest.

Adrian photo

“I was so distressed about the unbelievable pain she was in when she died. She told me ‘Be strong for me. I’m not going anywhere’ – and then two weeks later she was gone. I miss her so much it’s unbelievable. I’ve thought is it worth living?  

Being part of the Squirrel’s Nest meant I could talk to people instead of being in the house by myself. I felt incredibly isolated before I started coming here, and I started to think I didn’t want to be here. Now I can just get things off my chest.  

I don’t do lots of woodwork, but I do help the others with it. I’ve made one or two bits, and give them a hand with the electrics. It brings you friendship and a bit of lightness and laughter.

It’s been so lovely to be accepted by other people. It’s a lifeline to a certain extent. Because you’ve got something to look forward to in the morning. You feel welcomed and appreciated. You can talk to the people here about anything and they don’t judge you. 

I feel I’m supported by my community much more than by the government and the medics. I probably wouldn’t have known which direction to turn in or road to go down without them. And when you’ve got nowhere to go, that’s when you start thinking ‘what’s the point?’

There’s nothing worse than loneliness. Here you can open your heart up to people. I can talk about my wife and keep her memory alive.” 

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