The People’s Panel
The top seven priorities

The Panel’s top seven priorities, in order, were:


The health and social care systems are failing to recruit, train and retain sufficient staff to meet current and future demands. 

Fragmented system

Poor communication between different services, departments and patients leads to delays and gaps in receiving important care. This causes confusion, distress and disappointment for patients, especially for those with complex conditions and care needs.  

Lengthy process and waiting times

The referral process is disconnected and inefficient. It is outdated and has not evolved with the needs of people or advances in technology. There is poor information flow between primary and specialist care. And poor communication between health and care services and the people using them. 

Integrated health and social care

Service users are not always signposted in a timely manner to the appropriate health and social care services that best meet their needs. Delays in intervention can adversely impact patient outcomes. 

Mental health services

Experience suggests there is a lack of understanding, awareness, and education about mental health.

Holistic health and care

The system doesn’t require professionals to look at the bigger picture, which results in treating individual conditions and not the whole person.  

Prevention and early intervention

People can find it challenging to make an informed choice which leads to lifestyle issues creating pressures on the NHS.

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