‘The group listened and supported each other. There was a safe, trusting atmosphere’

Our Health and Care Director, Miriam Levin, shares her reflections on the latest Ideas for Change sessions

The first Social Care Change group meeting brought together a whole range of people from across social care. With very different roles or experiences of how things tick.

Nobody knew each other. So I wasn’t sure how well, or easily, the group would come together. In the end, it was actually really humbling.

One by one people shared personal stories about their experience of care. The group supported and listened to each other. There was a safe, trusting atmosphere from the start.

Everyone got that they were driving towards the same end: how do we make this better?

In their first two sessions, the Change group were mainly getting to know each other.

They were asked to think about where their role sits in the whole process. And talk through what great care looks like to them.

Georgina Turner from Skills for Care gave an insightful talk about common workforce issues across the system. Huge thanks to her for that.

The Change group’s challenge – coming up with ideas to better train, recruit and keep staff – was set by The People’s Panel. So we wanted to connect the two groups right away.  

Five members of the Panel joined the Change group’s second session. They explained why social care staffing had been prioritised. And just how much it means to the British public.

Afterwards, one of the Change group members (a social care provider) thanked the Panel.

“Nobody really talks about social care that much”, they explained. “It’s not terribly high up on the agenda. The Panel giving it proper recognition means a lot.”

All in all, a great start. Bring on the next sessions in early June.