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“The NHS is great in terms of reactive services”

“They said that actually the care that they got from our projects, coordinating and linking people in with services for drug or alcohol misuse or mental health issues or isolation and loneliness, are the things that have really kept them going. And then that differed between locations as well. So across Leicestershire. So one end, which is Melton, has really not that much going on. But another end, which is the Harborough District, has got a really, really good organisation which coordinates loads of activities and social groups and things that help people with their health, in a holistic sense, as well. So there was a lot of talk around the voluntary services and charities that have basically been the main area of positivity for them… The NHS is great in terms of reactive services if something goes wrong, and they all agreed that we’ve got support right during Covid. They’ve all felt safe and looked after during this time.”