“I had a problem with my foot”

“I had plantar fasciitis, which is a problem with my foot. I got referred by my joke of a GP to Crystal Palace Sports Centre, which is really good. Got there, did the first session. Dude said I’m only allowed four or five sessions, forget what the number was. Got to the third session. And he left…he left Crystal Palace. So he’s gone. When I go for my next session now, no one’s texted me, emailed me, carrier pigeon, nothing. Get to the session. “Oh, he’s left. So those two sessions that you’ve had, they kind of don’t exist anymore” because they were already booked. But now he’s left, they don’t exist because they were booked on his calendar, or something like that. So they weren’t even able to move it. So if I wanted those two extra sessions, I would have to go back to my joke of a GP, to rebook to go. And it was like, you know what…”