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"We never see our GP. We need regular proactive home visits for both my parents; it should be part of the GP contract to provide this. Housebound and disabled patients are ignored. Chiropody and physio is non-existent and so we have to pay for this privately. We can afford this, but many others can't and this is unfair. Also paid carers should be part of the NHS and paid and trained as NHS staff, with career progression and quality training part of their job. Care should be nationalised and not run for profit. Care should be part of the NHS and carers should receive a minimum of £10 per hour, with paid holidays and time to travel between care calls. Carers should also be inspected and given on-going support. They should be able to learn from the latest innovations in products and services and caring should be seen as a professional career. They work so hard and deal with so much unpleasantness, they really are exploited and not treated well. Some carers may like to train and become medically qualified nursing staff. This should be based on merit and aptitude and costs should be covered by the state. It is ridiculous to make student nurses pay for their training. It is not going to solve recruitment shortages. All nurses should be given a bursary which covers the costs of training. And there needs to be much more investment in the profession and in health and well-being support to remain as fit and healthy as possible."