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"I always felt that it was okay for us to phone the team. The team could phone us, we could talk, ask questions. We could say 'Look, we don't understand how this works.' We could say 'Look, we don't think this bit of it is working well. Who can we talk to us about it?' We could phone the team out of hours and say, 'Mum needs a phone call.' And they would make that call to my Mum. So I felt really involved. And I never felt as if I was being a nuisance. And I think that counts for quite a lot. And then I was able to make two visits to my Mum over the summer last year. And, you know, my Mum wanted me in the room when she had her mental health nurse visiting. And the family wanted to talk to me. They thanked me for being there. They thanked me for being part of the team and looking after my Mum."