"Getting an appointment, or simply to ask a question of my surgery, has been a very frustrating and challenging task. They don't want to engage. Everything has to be done online, but the options the online form gives are poorly thought out. You can't choose which GP you see any more, you have to take pot luck. But there's one I wouldn't see on my deathbed. You used to be able to choose and book an appointment, and you would be offered a list of appointments to select and book, but that has gone. You can't choose and book now. You have to apply for an appointment. And then you have to go away. At some point an email will appear telling you to log onto their system to read a message that tells you to wait by your email account or phone for someone to contact you. You might then be offered the opportunity to make an appointment with the receptionist. In what way is any of this progress? The quality of primary care is appalling. it is secretive, off-putting and is anything but caring."