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Want to share your thoughts on health and care in this country? Simply record yourself on your phone, fill in a few details below and upload your clip.

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Be heard on health and care – record your answers to the questions below

#beheard on health and care

Here are a few ideas for topics you might want to chat through in your video:

Note: The upload file size limit is 128MB. Depending on the quality of your video recording, that’s approx. 2 minutes of filming time.

  • What’s your experience of health and care? eg This could be particular GP and hospital experiences through to acts of care in your community
  • What’s your experience of how people care for each other in communities? eg Are there any good examples you have come across?
  • What do you think works well in health or care? eg Are there experiences that spring to mind?
  • What do you think could be better in terms of health or care? eg Are there any not so good experiences you’ve had that spring to mind?

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