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  • Discussions around the country To find ways forward on the big challenges facing the country, we need to explore with each other what we agree on, and what we disagree on. Polling work with BritainThinks showed that we as a nation think health and care and opportunities for struggling families were the country’s most important

  • Citizens UK 27.05.2020
  • Miriam Levin 27.05.2020

    Most recently, in Government, I’ve done this through running programmes on deliberative democracy, community organising and place-based social action. Our country is facing massive challenges, but ordinary people are rarely given the opportunity to be part of the solution. By bringing people together, opening up conversations, and listening, I hope Engage Britain can change that

  • I joined Engage Britain because I care about making sure policies work for people, particularly those they most affect, and those often excluded from conversations about the direction of our country. It’s been fantastic to listen and learn from people all over Britain as they discuss some of the biggest challenges we face.

  • What are the challenges facing our country? Working with BritainThinks, we’ve started exploring our attitudes towards the key challenges facing our country. We certainly have disagreements, but the polling shows we’re far from hopelessly divided. There are two challenges in particular that unite us, regardless of background: funding health and social care, and providing better

  • Divisions in Britain – the evidence Working with King’s College London, we’ve explored whether we’re really as divided as the media debate would lead us to believe. Our findings reveal that we’re not a country split neatly in two, rather a nation with fragmented views. The papers would have us believe we’re a nation polarised