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A quick recap: The story so far

Engage Britain supported 101 Community Conversations. Over 700 people shared what matters most to them about health and care.

We then brought together a People’s Panel. It involved 100 members of the public, representative of people living in England, Scotland and Wales.

The People’s Panel listened to the stories and viewpoints shared in the Community Conversations. And then prioritised the health and care issues to tackle first.

The Panel’s top two priorities were:

We’re now taking these issues forward to the next stage: coming up with ideas for change.

Where is Ideas for Change up to?

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Priority 1: Recruitment, training and retention of social care staff

Carer helping someone into bed
Developing practical, realistic solutions to recruit, train and retain social care staff.

Why did this issue come up?

The Panel prioritised social care staff issues because the sector is:

  • low paid
  • struggling to attract staff
  • struggling to keep staff
  • offering little career progression
  • being viewed as a low skill sector
  • being privately provided (by in large)

What we’re doing about it

Who is part of the Change group?

We’ve setup a Social Care Change Group, tasked with developing practical solutions. It brings together many different social care perspectives, including people who:

  • Work on the frontline in social care 
  • Provide social care
  • Draw on social care 
  • Run and commission social care services 
  • Have expertise in social care workforce policy and practice 

Before the Change Group started, we also hosted a few smaller gatherings called Ideas Groups.

Person on Zoom
The online Ideas Groups will feed into the Change Group’s thinking – and critique draft solutions.

These Ideas Groups were made up of people with specific experiences – those who draw on care, those who work on the frontline and care providers . Their first-hand knowledge will help inform the wider Change Group discussions.

Further down the line, they’ll also feedback on the Change Group’s solutions. To make sure the ideas don’t just work in theory. But have legs in the real world, ready to be tested in the project’s next phase.

Priority 2: Poor communication in the health service

Man in waiting area
Poor NHS communication affects people. What can be done to improve things?

Why this issue came up

As Community Conversations and The People’s Panel showed, everybody has a story of feeling lost when trying to navigate the NHS.

People find the communications hard to understand. They don’t get the information they need. This can delay care and affect their mental health.

What we’re doing about it

We want to dig deeper into how poor communication affects people – and what might be done to improve things.

So we’re working with Imperial College Health Partners to pull together examples across the UK where things are working really well. To collect practical ideas that have been successful already and could be used more widely.

ICHP logo
We’ve partnered with ICHP to look at best practice examples of good communication in the health service.

These best practices will then be taken back to The People’s Panel. To find out: Do these ideas crack the issues that you and the public raised?

Taking the Panel’s feedback on board, solutions will carry on being shaped. With everything rooted in people’s real life experiences.

What happens after Ideas for Change?

Party conference speaker
We’ll be taking the ideas for change to the Autumn 2022 political party conferences

Next, we’ll put the British public’s ideas in front of politicians. This first opportunity will be this Autumn’s political party conferences.

There we can make the case for why these issues should be an immediate focus. And share people’s practical solutions for what can be done.

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